Sunday, August 28, 2005

Handling Adveristy - Schedule

Handling Adversity

Class Schedule

Sunday 9/4 Introduction: common views
Sunday 9/11 The Big picture: Suffering – it is a guarantee
Sunday 9/18 The Big Picture: what are we up against?
Sunday 9/25 Trials and Temptations: what’s the difference?
Sunday 10/2 Sources of Suffering: Persecution, temptation, and sin
Sunday 10/9 Sources of Suffering: Trials, chastisement and the will of God
Sunday 10/16 Gaining the Victory: Patience – winning through weakness
Sunday 10/23 Gaining the Victory: Promise and Hope – it’s about what you do
Sunday 10/30 Prepare Now: Habits of a Loving Heart
Sunday 11/6 What to do when I fail?
Sunday 11/13 Examples for us: Job, Joseph
Sunday 11/20 Examples for us: Jonah, Paul
Sunday 11/27 Examples for us: Jesus

Reference Material

These are for us to use as a resource for discussion and examination. They are no replacement for what we can find in the Bible or it’s authority. From time to time we will reference them during our study. They are relatively easy to read and I encourage you to take the time to lightly read through them at least once.

Making Things Right When Things Go Wrong
Dr. Paul Faulkner
Howard Publishing Co.

How to Handle Adversity
Charles Stanley
Thomas Nelson Publishers

Habits of a Loving Heart
Willard Tate
Christian Communications